SEOWhat’s SEO Got To Do With It?

You may have heard the term SEO in conjunction with internet marketing or web design and the question may come to mind “What is it and why do I want it?” Well, Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a process of things you do to help your website get found in the search engines on the internet like Google, Bing and Yahoo. People put in keywords to bring up search results and where your business places in those results with those keywords will depend on the on-page and off-page SEO processes you’ve done on your site.

What’s On Page SEO?

On page SEO is about making sure you have quality content that people want to read and comment about. Google has really cracked down on businesses trying to trick search engines into ranking their sites but they have poor quality content. Google wants to reward legitimate sites with good content with high search rankings. So the best way to start is with good content. Next you need to know about the keywords that people would put in the search engine to get information about your business. This could be a variety of subjects for many businesses. Once you identify keywords you use them in your content. Just don’t overdo it. Search engines like to see webpages structured in a certain way to help them determine the value of the page so you need to structure your pages right with titles, links and tags. You need to use images and also use alt tags for your images on each page.

  1. Good Content
  2. Keywords
  3. Proper Structure
  4. Title Tags & Meta Descriptions
  5. Links to other pages
  6. Image Tags

What’s Off Page SEO

Off page SEO is about getting what’s called ‘backlinks” to your site. You want people to link to your website from other websites showing that your information is valuable and people want to read it. The more backlinks you have the more brownie points you get with the search engines. The key is that the links have to be legitimate links and you have to consistently keep building.

The key to good SEO is to consistently add good content to your site that is properly structured with keywords, tags, links and descriptions. Then you need to keep working to get backlinks to your site from other sites. Most business owners don’t have the time to keep this up on an ongoing basis so they hire an internet marketing firm to do it for them like Divine Imaging. So now that you know what SEO is you can implement it into your internet marketing strategy and help your website get found online.