WALDON Funeral Home

Case Study

The Challenge

WALDON Professional Funeral Home and Cremation Services director wanted to build their internet presence. They were showing up on the page in the general searches but often near the bottom of the page for Sanford searches and nowhere to be found in the Orlando searches. They needed a promotional video to share about their services with prospective clients.

They needed design help with branding their pre-planning program they call “The Love Gift”. They also wanted to increase their social media presence and interaction with their clients. So when Divine Imaging approached them with a marketing system she decided to give them a try.

The Solution

Divine Imaging first decided to do Search Engine Optimization for their website to help them get into the top 3 positions of the search on Google. We wanted them to rank well for our SEO Case Study. Then we worked on the branding for their pre-planning program and created a logo and design concept that we carried to their business cards, brochure, pre-planning guide and pre-planning website. We also crafted a promotional video for the funeral home and “The Love Gift” Pre-Planning Guide.

We Rethought Everything

Customized Website

We created a custom website with lead generating forms and calls to action.

Custom Business Cards

We custom designed Meadows business card using a fun shape that helps draw attention and make it stand out.

Custom Business Cards

We custom designed Meadows business card using a fun shape that helps draw attention and make it stand out.















Social Media Engagement

We implemented Social Media engagement by posting events, tips, articles and preschool happenings online.

Full Page Ad

Half Page Ad

Campaign Marketing Solutions

Website Development

Email Marketing

Graphic Design

Search Engine Optimization

Printing Services

Social Media Marketing

Promo Video Marketing


Directory Listings

The SEO Results Were Amazing!


Website Traffic Increase

5 Keywords in 1st Position


Pay-Per-Click Increase


PPC Impressions Increase

Video Marketing Campaign

The Challenge

We wanted to relay Meadows Academy warm family atmosphere and nurturing environment.


So we created a series of marketing videos including a promotional marketing with client testimonials. Also a product video about their pre planning services.


Clients like to get an idea of how a funeral home will work with them and meet their needs. Seeing other clients and hearing their testimonials helps potential clients decide to choose them.

Promotional Video
Love Gift Video