Online Marketing for Chiropractors

 Millions of people are looking for Chiropractors like you on the internet.

Can they find you when they hit the search button?

Online Marketing for Chiropractors

The message is simple

Integrate online marketing in your chiropractic practice or get left behind by your competitors.

But do you have any idea how to start with this strategy?

According to recent research, the number of people using the Internet continues to climb drastically. Seventy-two percent of these people said they looked online for health information, including information about chiropractic services, within the past year.


There’s no reason to get bent out of shape. We can help you market your chiropractic practice online.

In today’s Internet-driven world, your potential patients rely on search engines, social media sites, local listings, and online reviews to decide which health professional can perfectly cater to their needs. Thus, it is extremely important for chiropractors like you to establish and maintain a strong online presence.

Having an online presence though, is not just about having a website for your chiropractic business. Although it’s one of the main foundations of an online marketing campaign, you’ll also need the help of other digital channels to bring in enough traffic to your site and convert visitors to actual patients. Regular monitoring and optimization plays a key role in ramping up your online marketing campaign.

In reality, online marketing is a lot of work. Many digital marketing companies may extend their help but are you sure they know the nitty-gritties of your industry? It’s good to be picky. After all, you deserve only the best when it comes to marketing your chiropractic business online.

If you want a guaranteed solution to your online marketing problem, make sure you choose the one who knows your industry very well.

Millions of people around the globe have sought for chiropractic help at one point in their lives. In fact, 19.4 million adults and 1.9 million children have consulted a chiropractor at least once. How are chiropractors found by potential patients?

Word of mouth is still an effective medium according to studies. However, with the rise of the Internet and mobile technology, more and more patients are turning to digital channels to search for chiropractors.

  • 55% of patients have said they used online resources to find and evaluate chiropractors.Of those who 55% use online resources:
  • 44% used at least two online resources15% used three or more online resources


Recognizing the need to bring their practice online, chiropractors are implementing multipleonline marketing activities to reach more patients.




59% of chiropractors use more than 5 marketing activities


25% use 3 to 4 activities


16% use 1 to 2 activities

As much as 66% of chiropractors who can reach new patients use over 5 marketing activities. These activities include optimizing their websites and social media accounts, sending out newsletters through email, optimizing their local listings, and publishing online ads.

Moreover, online channels continue to prove they are strong sources for new patients for chiropractors. Take a look at these statistics:




66% of chiropractors get new patients through their website


14% get new patients through social media


13% get new patients through online advertisements

We can help your chiropractic business have a solid, unbreakable presence in the highly competitive chiropractic market.


Our online marketing services are specifically designed to rank your chiropractic business number 1 in Google and other digital channels. It is for passionate practitioners who need not just a website, but an actual marketing plan that guarantees consistent leads and ROI.

Of course, it can be tough to regularly monitor and execute online marketing tactics, especially that you, as a chiropractor, should put most of your attention to your business and your patients. That’s where we come in. With our proven expertise in the online marketing arena, we can help your business leverage the necessary resources so you can build a solid and unbreakable presence in the highly-competitive chiropractic market.

Here’s a list of our services
We offer professional SEO services that will help your website rank significantly on search engines, thus, initially building a strong online presence.
Local Buzz
We optimize your local listings so people can easily locate you wherever they are.
Web Design
We build a responsive website for you that automatically adjusts to any screen size.
Social Media Optimization
We optimize your social media presence, enabling you to drive more traffic and engagement across all social platforms.
PPC Advertising:
We execute the appropriate pay per click (PPC) techniques that match your practice, thus increasing your visibility.
Online Reputation Management
We establish and maintain a good online reputation for your practice by implementing the right reputation management techniques.
Website Audit
We make sure your website is Google-compliant by regularly tracking its performance and doing an in-depth analysis to detect any serious issues.
Brand Establisher
We claim, secure, and establish your brand across different online platforms complete with professional design.
Brand Booster
We publish compelling content for your brand in the form of videos and articles on both your website and blog.

The Divine Marketing Team is ready to be your online marketing backbone. We analyze every aspect of your online presence and communicate with you directly to develop a marketing plan that offers your patients the best depiction of your office.

Thousands of businesses around the world are enjoying the benefits of our services. Join our community and get:

  • Increased brand awareness
  • More happy patients
  • Increased online visibility and traffic
  • Your long-awaited business growth!

Your credibility and success is important to us, that’s why we are offering you only the best online marketing tools to help you grow your chiropractic business!

Fill out the form or call us at (407) 745-0440 so we can schedule your free consultation about our online marketing services today.

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