Olembe’ Village

Olembé Village will be the first of its kind in Cameroon: a place where people can live, work, shop, and spend quality time with friends and family.

When Zeke, the developer of the building project Olembe’ Village came to us, his vision for it was in tack. He knew he wanted a website to show merchants of all kinds that Olembe’ Village is a great opportunity to invest in and for consumers a great place to shop. He expressed the website needed to be able to put visuals like videos, art work and informative information for investors, yet have a clean uncluttered presentation, vibrant colors and be easy to navigate and be usable on all platforms.  The Divine Imaging’s team embraced the challenge and went to work on this project and was able to deliver it on time and at an affordable price. Zeke has expressed several times how glad he was to have chosen Divine Imaging as the team to work with him on this project.

Page Layout
The pages were laid out in a way to get the viewers the information they are looking for quickly.  The page sections were group to deliver a clean and clear message.
Will it work on a cell phone and ipad?
One of the major concerns for Zeke was the website being able to work on the major browsers and on different devises. At Divine Imaging we test our sites on the major browser prior to the official launch insuring that each site will be user-friendly for mobile, tablets and desktop devices and look great on all of them.