The team at Divine Imaging has helped me with my business from day one creating my logo, website and other marketing materials. Angela was a great coach! Her ideas and direction in marketing was timely and what I needed. She was patient, listened to the needs of my business and offered economical solutions.

Sheila Davis

Owner, Breakthrough Counseling Education Service

It is 6-7 times more costly to attract a new customer

than it is to retain an existing customer


Consumers who say companies could have recognized & rewarded them for doing business with them


Small business owners said that loyal customers were the main way they grow their business

Make Your MARK With Your Own Marketing Team @ Divine Imaging


We use proven online and offline Marketing methods to help you find new customers.


We work with you to help you Acquire a steady flow of leads and customers.


We assist you with relationship marketing solutions that help you enhance how you Relate to your customers.


We help you build long lasting relationships that help you Keep customers for life.

DI Team Marketing Services For Your Small Business



Website Design

We will create a professionally designed customized website that will draw your target audience to your business services all at an affordable price.

Custom Banners

We design custom banners to go on your website each week highlighting your specials, events and special promotions.

Media Management

We have an easy interface that will allow you to upload your video and audio files quickly and easily.


Business App




Show your video and audio podcasts through your businesses mobile app.

Event Calendar

Post all your events to your customers so they stay updated and can share with friends.

Social Wall

We can put a social wall in your app so customers can share their experiences and reviews about your great food.

Cross Platform Development

We will create a native app for iPhone, iPad, Android and HTML 5  for cross platform accessibility.

Blog Posts

Post blogs with valuable tips  for your customers to read and share with friends.


Your app can also include a notepad feature so customers can text notes and email it to themselves.

Staff Directory

List your staff and leadership contact information so customers can reach them quickly and easily.



Search Engine Optimization

We make your website “search engine friendly” by making your site visible in search engines when customers are looking for your business or searching for products or events.

Email Marketing

Your staff and leaders can send out promotional emails to customers while keeping all contact information in one central location so updates only need to be done once.

Directory Marketing

We make sure your business is listed in local and national directories with your correct information and web links. This increases your business exposure in search engine results.

Social Media Marketing

Don’t just have a Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account with your churches name on it and not know what’s going on. We help teach your members and staff how to monitor and manage your social media accounts to be an asset to your church.

Video Marketing

We work with you to create a welcome video about your business products, services and programs . Sharing about your business helps your customers see your  unique personality.

Event Marketing

You can organize all of your events in our simple scheduling system and view a calendar of your events on your website.

Direct Mail Campaign

We create custom postcards, flyers and letters for direct mail campaigns around your businesses radius. We do all the footwork and arrangements with the post office.



Promotional Materials

We custom create brochures, postcards, banners, and yard signs for special promotions and events at your business.

Print Media

We not only do custom design we can also print your media as well with great low cost quotes.



Text Marketing

Reach your church members at a moments notice through text messaging.  Launch an instant prayer chain. Remind them of events and meetings.

Mobile Ads

Advertise to mobile users with a specialized ad that can be targeted by their behavior and location. Reach new customers where they are interacting the most…on mobile.


Our unique SMS coupon wizard provides a built-in redemption feature which includes automated barcode creation, promotion code development, and more.

Birthday Club

Send automatic birthday wishes to your customer’s to help build brand loyalty and awareness and include a free offer or discount coupon.

Appointment Reminders

Is your businesses dependent on consumer appointments? Use our mobile appointment management tools to ensure smoother business operations by sending appointment reminders by text to your clients.

Customer Loyalty Program

Build brand loyalty with your customers. Use SMS text marketing for punch card like loyalty campaigns to offer consumers discounts after purchasing x amount of times from your clients business.

QR Codes

We can create QR Codes that can be scanned with smartphones and take customers to dedicated promotional pages or to sign-up forms to add them to your text or email lists.