WiFi Marketing

A Social Powered WiFi Network

Generate Leads On Autopilot Using Social Powered Wi-Fi.

We will turn your Free Wi-Fi into a lead generating machine to engage your customers on Social Media and run promotions, all while collecting valuable marketing data. Your WiFI marketing data can be used for online marketing, contests and special offers.
Your WiFi Marketing system will allow visitors to use free Wi-Fi by logging in via Facebook, Google, Twitter, Linkedin or Instagram, enabling you to capture valuable social data, grow email marketing lists and offer sponsorship opportunities.
Provide your visitors with a reliable free Wi-Fi service, in exchange for valuable marketing analytics and data.
Start monetizing your free Wi-Fi service with social media connections and real-time engagement features.
Automatically deliver engaging promotions that help increase brand awareness and loyalty with your visitors.

Why is Free Wi-Fi Important?


of Mobile Consumers make a restaurant choice based on availability of Wi-Fi


of Mobile Consumers are influenced by the availability of in store Wi-Fi


of Mobile Consumers are influenced by the availability of in store Wi-Fi

Grow Your Loyal Customer List and Rewards Program

Auto Lead Generation

Automatically build targeted email lists of customers who have been to your actual business location.


Grow Social Media

Increase social media presence and engagement with integrated sharing and Mobile Wallet options.


Monetize Free WiFi

Sell advertising to sponsors and grow your own Wi-Fi Advertising network. 

Accurate Advertising

No more wasted advertising dollars! We are now able to market to specific individuals based on age, gender, hometown, interests, and so many other factors.

Cloud Managed Social-Powered Wi-Fi Platform

Everything you need to run targeted Wi-Fi to generate

valuable social data from your visitors.